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Almond Oil

almond oil manufacturers

A high-quality Almond oil was developed to enhance the skin. For cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, Almond oil is pure to use. Pertamina Group has been in this industry since 1998, supplying pure almond oil to our clients. The best almond oil you can buy on the market today!

The following are characteristics of our Almond Oil:

PACKAGING: We can develop a package design based on your company's logo upon request.

QUALITY ASSURANCE: All our products are made up of only natural ingredients. They are produced using a cold-pressed method that does not use chemical solvents. The resulting oil is then stored in a dark glass bottle which protects the quality of the product by preventing light from reactivating its polyphenols.

Our almond oils:

Almond Oil 100% Natural- This is our pure version of the oil with no added ingredients such as scent, fragrance or any other additives.