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Palm Stearin

palm stearin manufacturers

We are the leading palm stearin manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in Malaysia. Pertamina Group is located in Malaysia and we are the palm stearin makers. The process of making our palm oil stearin is done through a process called fractionation. Palm oil stearin is also known as palm kernel oil stearin or palm kernel fat stearin. It is a white substance that can be solid or semi-solid. It is used as an emulsifier, component, and intermediate to make soaps, candles, ointments, and other cosmetics. It is also used in the manufacture of biodiesel, cosmetics, and many other items. Our Palm Oil Stearin is produced from palm oil kernels using fractionation technology. It has numerous applications in the industrial sector, including lubricants and many others like toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, and so on.

Applications for Palm Oil Stearin are vast and range from industrial lubricants to toothpaste ingredients and more. Soap is one common household item that contains Palm Oil Stearin; usually, this ingredient can be found listed on soap labels as "Stearic Acid". If you take a look around your home, chances are you will find several items that contain Palm Oil Stearin without even knowing it! The next time you go to pick up your favorite lotion or cream at the store, check the label for stearic acid - if it's listed, then there's a good chance the product contains palm oil stearin.