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Palm Kernel Cake is a commodity produced from palm fruit to extract oil. It is the main ingredient for producing livestock and poultry feed. Palm Kernel Cake is manufactured from inedible palm fruits which are used only for their oil, the inedible part being a waste product.

The cake is made by pressing the Kernels in special machines under high pressure to extract the oil. The residue or Cake left over after the oil has been pressed out is dried and ground into a powdery material. This cake contains about 60% moisture, 17% fat, 11% protein, and 5% fiber.

Compared to other types of protein-rich feed, Pertamina Palm Kernel Cake can be used as a substitute for fish meals and soybean meals with less chance of developing fatty liver disease in poultry and livestock.

Pertamina has very strict control when it comes to inspecting its end product, Pen Kernel Cake.