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Aptamil Milk

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This product is a formula designed for infants weighing up to two and a half kilograms, who are breastfed. Aptamil Milk contains the same high-quality ingredient as ready-to-use formula, but with an additional source of protein. This formula provides optimal nutrition to infants aged 3–6 months who are not yet eating solid foods.

The Aptamil Milk range provides the right nutrients in the right amounts to help your baby grow healthily.The humanized Aptamil Milk formula is easy for your baby to digest, and contains DHA and ARA for your baby's brain development.

Aptamil Milk offers a complete range of products to meet your baby's nutritional needs from birth to weaning. There are also products that have been specially formulated to include DHA and ARA which is vital for your baby's brain development Aptamil Milk.

Pertamina Group is the leading dealer of Aptamil Milk based in Malaysia and we export our products to the worldwide market. For order call us or reach through our website and get your order processed with the help of our dedicated support team.