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Cocoa Nibs

Suppliers of cocoa nibs

Cocoa Nibs supplier and exporter Pertamina is one of the most reliable and trusted names in Malaysia for supplying cocoa nibs. Our cocoa nibs are of the highest quality and are extensively used as a flavoring agent, food garnishing, and even served as a breakfast cereal in hotels and resorts. Cocoa, the main ingredient for Cocoa Nibs, is mainly found in Indonesia and Malaysia. Cocoa is the dried and fermented fruit of Theobroma, a tree native to South America. Cocoa beans contain about 50% cocoa butter and 5% to 10% cocoa solids. The remaining percentage is composed of proteins and sugar. Cocoa nibs are the raw material used to make chocolate. In Malaysia, Cocoa Nibs are used to make Nings or Ngen BMapu, favorite local snack food that is made up of roasted cocoa beans.

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