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Cow Ghee

Manufacturers of cow ghee

Cow Ghee, which is also known as Clarified Butter is a healthier alternative to butter. It's not just popular within Malaysia, but it's also well received in the international market.

Cow Ghee is popularly used for cooking and it has been used as medicine since ancient times. Our Cow Ghee is also used in various other industries, like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food industries.

The company Pertamina Group is a manufacturer, supplier, exporter, and wholesaler of Cow Ghee in Malaysia. Our ghee is the perfect addition to any cooking recipe. It has a higher smoke point than butter (420°F vs. 350°F) and it won't burn easily like butter when you saute or fry foods on a skillet.

We are also an authorized distributor for other popular brands Cow Ghee such as Kuan Im, Melayu Berjaya, Hien Giang, and Selendang Ayu.