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Red Bull is an energy drink sold worldwide by an Austrian company of the same name. It has become the most popular energy drink in the world, with consumption of Red Bull exceeding that of all other energy drinks combined at over 5 billion per year. In countries where it is sold, Red Bull has become a symbol of the youth culture and trendy lifestyle.

In Malaysia, Red Bull is distributed by Pertamina (M) Sdn Bhd and it has become the dominant brand in the energy drink category even though it was introduced only in 1998. The product is marketed as an 'invention of a German Doctor', although the Red Bull brand itself is not patented.

Malaysia (where Pertamina was founded), Germany, France and Thailand are currently the biggest markets for Red Bull. In Germany, it is available in over 170,000 outlets; in France, more than 60,000; in Thailand, more than 3,000.