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Honey manufacturers

Honey is an important bee icon and the bee's nutritional source. Honey contains sugar, minerals, and vitamins that nourish the human body. Pertamina Group is a leading manufacturer and wholesale supplier of a variety of raw honey, honeycomb, and other products, all certified to the highest quality standards. The raw honey produced from the most fertile plants in Indonesia is packed and sealed as per the GMP requirements of the processes in a Hygiene (HACCP) system, which also meets the requirements of local authorities in all export countries.

Our raw honey is derived from the finest sources in Indonesia. Production of quality honey is a painstaking process, taking into account many factors such as the plant's location, flora and fauna around it, weather conditions, and temperature. The beekeeper combines all these factors to ensure that his bees are able to produce high-quality honey with a rich aroma and taste, making Pertamina Group's honey one of the most coveted honey in the international market, so much so that we export our products to more than 70 countries all over the world.