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Suppliers of yellow and white corn

Pertamina Group is the leading wholesale supplier and exporter of Yellow & White Corn in Malaysia. We provide complete and quick supply service, our commitment is to deliver the most competitive prices in the market and to set the highest standard of quality products.

Pertamina has vast experience in dealing with a major local trading company and has a good reputation among some of the best traders that operate in this country.

Pertamina's trade assurance is provided by our parent company, PT Asiatic Persada Tbk (Asia Tbk), a reputable food business with expertise in exporting and sourcing for more than 20 years.

Since its inception in 2007, Pertamina has been able to establish an excellent track record and won the trust of many foreign customers in all these years. Pertamina is looking forward to continuing its excellence in serving our customers with better and greater products while maintaining good relationships and expanding cooperation with our partners abroad that we have forged.